December 14, 2017

1979-1982: Some Non-Baha'i Individuals and Organizations that Issued Statements, Letters, Cables, or Press Releases, Concerning the Persecution of Baha’is in Iran

  • Human Rights Commission of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Switzerland
  • Amnesty International
  • Trinidad and Tobago Bureau on Human Rights
  • Former Chief Justice, India
  • Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism
  • Pacific Conference of Churches
  • 13 Heads of Colleges in Oxford, U.K.
  • The Master, Balliol College, Oxford, England
  • Iran Committee for Democratic Action and Human Rights (based in the United States)
  • Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (based in France)
  • A large number of Senators and Congressmen of the United States
(Prepared by the Baha’i International Community and accompanied a letter from the Universal House of Justice to the Baha’is of the World, 26 January 1982; ‘Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-1986’)