June 25, 2019

1957: National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Canada

Seated: Rowland Estall, Hartwell Bowsfield, Lloyd Gardner, Allan Raynor
Standing: Harold Moscrop, Audrey Westheuser, Peggy Ross, Winnifred Harvey, Fred Graham 
('Messages to Canada')

June 11, 2019

April 1949 – Results of 41st National Convention of the Baha’is of the United States

Election of nine members of the National Spiritual Assembly, April 29, 1949, and eleven names of believers who followed in votes cast:

National Spiritual Assembly: Mr. Horace Holley (136), Mrs. Dorothy Baker (134), Mr. Paul Haney (129),  Mr. Philip Sprague (126),  Mrs. Amelia Collins (105),  Mr. Kenneth Christian (95),  Miss Elsie Austin (87),  Miss Edna True (86),  and Mr. Leroy Ioas (84)

Next Highest Votes:  Mr. Matthew Bullock (65), Mrs. Mamie Seto (42),  Mr. H. Borrah Kavelin  (35), Dr. Kathryn True (33),  Mrs. Marjorie McCormick (19),  Mr. Lawrence Hautz (18), Dr. Robert Gulick (16),  Mr. Rafi Mottahedeh (15),  Mrs. Marziah Gail (13),  Mr. Robert McLaughlin (13),  Mr. Carl Scheffler (13)
(Baha’i News, no. 219, May 1949)