September 30, 2022

Nabil-i A'zam (Mulla Muhammad Zarandi), the author of ‘The Dawn-Prayers’, explains how he found the Faith

In the early days of the year 1265 A.H., I set out, at the age of eighteen, from my native village of Zarand for Qum, where I chanced to meet Siyyid Ismá’íl-i-Zavari’í, surnamed Dhabíh, who later on, while in Baghdád, offered up his life as a sacrifice in the path of Bahá’u’lláh. Through him I was led to recognise the new Revelation. He was then preparing to leave for Mázindarán and had determined to join the heroic defenders of the fort of Shaykh Tabarsí. He had intended to take me with him, together with Mírzá Fatḥu’llah-i-Hakkak, a lad of my age, who was a resident of Qum. As circumstances interfered with his plan, he promised before his departure that he would communicate with us from Tihrán and would ask us to join him. 

- Nabil ('The Dawn-Breakers; translated and edited by Shoghi Effendi)