February 15, 2017

1925: National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States and Canada opens a central office at Green Acre - Horace Holley devotes his entire time at central office

Since the establishment of the National Spiritual Assembly by the Guardian of the Cause, the activities of the believers throughout the United States and Canada have centered around that body more and more. The responsibility placed upon the members, already considerable, will increase steadily, with the growth of the Cause itself.

For some time it has been apparent to those in touch with this phase of the work that there is urgent need for a central office with a secretary able to devote all of his time to the correspondence and other duties incumbent upon the National Spiritual Assembly.

The difficulty of finding a person with the necessary qualifications and at the same time so situated that he could enter upon this service with the compensation which could be voted at the present time, has been a serious obstacle to the establishment of this necessary office.

The National Spiritual Assembly is happy to announce that arrangements have been made whereby, early in October, a central office will be opened at Green Acre, South Eliot, Maine.

Our secretary, Mr. Horace Holley, at our request has consented to resign from his present business position in order to devote his entire time to the work of the central office.

For a very nominal rental, the National Spiritual Assembly have leased a house in Green Acre and the expense of maintaining this office will not be over $350.00 a month. Most of this amount has already been subscribed by members of the National Spiritual Assembly.

The Committee who have had this matter in charge feel that this is a most satisfactory arrangement with respect to the needs of the Cause in this country. They believe that this step will contribute greatly to the furtherance of the National Baha’i work and that its wisdom will be recognized by the body of the believers.

National Spiritual Assembly,
By: Mountfort Mills,
Carl Scheffler,
Siegfried Schopflocher.
(Baha’i News, Issue no. 7, September 1925)