December 28, 2016

1925: First Annual Report of the NSA of the United States and Canada

The report of the National Spiritual Assembly for the year 1924-5 was read by the secretary, Horace Holley. It was the first of such reports ever rendered in such form and made a profound impression. It was a condensation of the minutes of this great body for eleven meetings covering a period of fourteen months, showing in succinct, graphic and beautiful phrases the strides made by the Cause, the activities of its committees or arms of service, the fields covered by the national teachers, the relief extended Persia, the convention for amity between the races held in Philadelphia, the connection with the various assemblies of the Cause, its reliance upon the Guardian and the spirit of harmony which characterized its deliberations. The convention showed its approval by a vote of thanks. 
(Baha’i News, no. 6, July-August 1925)