September 1, 2015

Writings of Shaykh Ahmad -- one of the two forerunners of the Báb

A.L.M. Nicolas, in Chapter 5 of his book, “Essai sur le Shaykhisme,” gives a list of no less than ninety-six volumes as representing the enrire literary output of this prolific writer. Among them, the more important are the following:

l. Commentary on the Ziyaratu’l Jami’atu’l-Kabirih of Shaykh Hadi.
2. Commentary on the verse “Qu’l Huvallah-u-Ahad.”      
3, Risaliy-i-Khaqaniyyih, in answer to Fath-‘Ali Shah’s question regarding the superiority of the Qa'im over His ancestors.  
4. On dreams.
5. Answer to Shaykh Musay-i-Bahrayni regarding the position and claims of the Sahibu’z-Zaman.                     
6. Answer to the Sufis.
7. Answer to Mulla Mihdiy-i-Astirabadi on the knowledge of the soul.   
8. On the joys and pains of the future life.  
9. Answer to Mulla 'Ali-Akbar on the best road to the attainment of God.
10. On the Resurrection.
- Shoghi Effendi  (Footnotes to Dawn-Breakers, section on Shaykh Ahmad)