December 21, 2009

Disciples of Abdu'l-Baha -- "Heralds of the Covenant" - identifed by the Guardian

1. Dr. J.E.Esslemont: distinguished Baha'i author
2. Mr. Thornton Chase: "first Baha'i in America"
3. Mr. Howard MacNutt: noted Baha'i teacher
4. Miss Sarah Farmer:Founder of Green Acre
5. Monsieur Hippolyte Drefus-Barney: author, translator, and international promoter of the Faith
6. Miss Lillian Kappers: noted teacher of the Tarbiyat school, Tihran, Persia
7. Mr. Robert Turner: first Baha'i of the Negro race in America
8. Dr. Arthur Brauns: pioneer worker for the Faith in Germany
9. Mr. W.H. Randall: eloquent upholder of the Baha'i Cause in America
10. Mrs Lua M. Gestinger: renowned and devoted international Baha'i teacher
11. Mr. Joseph Hannan: indefatigable servant of the Cause
12. Mr. C.I. Thacher: zealous Baha'i worker
13. Mr. Ch. Greenleaf: firm supporter of the Faith
14. Mrs. J.D. Brittingham: trusted and energetic sower of the Seed
15. Mrs. Thornburgh: a pioneer of the Fith in England
16. Mrs. Helen S. Goodall: ardent establisher of the Cause in America
17. Mr. Arthur P. Dodge: staunch advocate of the Cause
18. Mr. William H. Hoar: prominent Baha'i teacher
19. Dr. J.G. Augur: pioneer of the Faith in the Pacific islands
(The Baha'i World 1928-1930)