June 20, 2023

1850: Prime Minister of Persia issued “an explicit order from his sovereign” to the governor of Ádhirbáyján… to execute the Báb” in Tabriz

The siege of Zanján was still in progress when he [Persia's Prime Minister), dispensing with an explicit order from his sovereign, and acting independently of his counsellors and fellow-ministers, dispatched his order to Prince Hamzih Mírzá, the Hishmatu’d-Dawlih, the governor of Ádhirbáyján, instructing him to execute the Báb. Fearing lest the infliction of such condign punishment in the capital of the realm would set in motion forces he might be powerless to control, he ordered that his Captive be taken to Tabríz, and there be done to death. 

- Shoghi Effendi  ('God Passes By)