January 18, 2021

No one was allowed to see the Báb for the first two weeks at Máh-Kú – other than His amanuensis and his brother

circa 1935 - Mah-Ku
Upon His [Báb] arrival in Máh-Kú, surnamed by Him Jabal-i-Básiṭ (the Open Mountain) no one was allowed to see Him for the first two weeks except His amanuensis, Siyyid Ḥusayn, and his brother. So grievous was His plight while in that fortress that, in the Persian Bayán, He Himself has stated that at night-time He did not even have a lighted lamp, and that His solitary chamber, constructed of sun-baked bricks, lacked even a door, while, in His Tablet to Muhammad Sháh, He has complained that the inmates of the fortress were confined to two guards and four dogs.  

- Shoghi Effendi  (‘God Passes By’)