May 21, 2016

February 1958: Introduction of Baha’i News “Supplement”

A Message from US National Spiritual Assembly:

Beginning with this issue, BAHA'I NEWS will henceforth carry as an insert a United States Supplement, which will be devoted to subjects of particular interest and concern to the believers of this country. This action brings BAHA'I NEWS more in conformity with the wishes of the beloved Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, who expressed the hope years ago that BAHA'I NEWS would become "the foremost Baha'i journal of the world."

Up to this time, BAHA'I NEWS has been designed to meet that purpose so far as possible, depending upon the material received from all parts of the world, but in addition it has been the medium of communication between the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and its committees and the individual members of the American Baha'i community.

This new plan means that from now on any information, suggestions, recommendations, and requests that concern the believers in the United States only will be concentrated largely in the Supplement, but the main body of BAHA'I NEWS will continue to carry news and reports of Baha'i activities in the United States which are of interest to the friends throughout the world and which reflect progress in the World Crusade.

Among the items that will appear in the supplement are such things as the "In Memoriam" listing, announcements of legal Baha'i marriages, committee appointments, directory changes, reports of actions taken on recommendations adopted at state and national conventions, announcements and instructions concerning special campaigns and national activities, etc. The supplement in this February issue illustrates how such items will be reported.

It is recommended that secretaries of local spiritual assemblies, group correspondents, and individual Baha'is also, remove the supplement and file it separately from BAHA'I NEWS, since the supplement will contain items to which it will be necessary to refer from time to time in the conduct of local Baha'i activities. Furthermore, the announcements and other materials relating to the home front teaching work should be the subject of consultation at the Nineteen-Day Feasts, in conferences, and in Baha'i summer schools. 
(Baha’i News Supplement, February 1958)