November 29, 2015

‘Abdu’l-Baha’s Tablet to the President of the First Universal Races Congress, held in London, England July 26-29, 1911

To the President, First Universal Races Congress.

My Dear Friend: Your letter of invitation has been received, and I am much obliged for it. It is my utmost desire to be present at such a gathering, for I am thoroughly confident that beneficial results shall surely follow these meetings, and that they will become the means of establishing friendship and love among the world's different races. Thus the basis of enmity may be destroyed and the tent of unity of the world of humanity be raised throughout all regions.

I regret much that circumstances may prevent me from attending, but I will endeavour as much as lies in my power to attend. Failing to do so, pray excuse me.

With a sincere heart I supplicate at the Divine Threshold that this congress may be successful in founding a noble institution which shall be permanent and everlasting; that it may ignite a candle from which a heavenly light shall beam, and plant a tree whose fruit may be friendship, love and unity between all the children of men, so that conflict and warfare may be abolished, and patriotic, racial, religious and political prejudices become unknown. Peace should replace strife, enmity be superseded by love, estrangement annihilated, and unity established. Then what has been spoken of in the heavenly books will become well rotted in the hearts of all, and the glad-tidings of the sacred writings be fulfilled. In conclusion I offer my utmost appreciation and respect to such a blessed congress.

(Signed) Abbas
(Star of the West,  vol. 2, no. 9, August 20, 1911)