September 14, 2010

Baha’i Magazines in circulation in 1923

With reference to the following excerpt from a letter written by the beloved Guardian on 12 March, 1923, the following Baha’i magazines were in circulation in 1923:

In America: “Star of the West” and the “Magazine of the Children of the Kingdom”;
India: the “Bahá’í News” of India;
Turkestan: the “Sun of the East” (Khurshid-i Khavar);
Japan: the “Star of the East”; and in
Germany: the “Sun of Truth”.

“They [Assemblies] must encourage and stimulate by every means at their command, through subscription, reports and articles, the development of the various Bahá’í magazines, such as the “Star of the West” and the “Magazine of the Children of the Kingdom” in the United States of America, the “Bahá’í News” of India, the “Sun of the East” (Khurshid-i Khavar) in Turkestan, the “Star of the East” in Japan, the “Sun of Truth” in Germany.” 
(Shoghi Effendi, letter dated 12 March, 1923, to the beloved of the Lord and the handmaids of the Merciful throughout America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Australasia; Baha’i Administration, p. 38)